Collection: Carolyn Jones | Licensed Chaplain & Wellness Coach

Carolyn Jones is a bereavement chaplain, licensed with the New York State Chaplain Task Force, an herbalist, certified aromatherapist, certified reflexologist, a writer/author and webinar producer. She is also a board member and health justice advocate with Herbalists Without Borders Global with a commitment to initiating and managing mobile community clinics for older adults and “at-risk” youth. Participants are taught natural self-care and first aid.

Carolyn also develops holistic health curricula for one-on-one and group workshops, that include, but are not limited to, herbology, aromatherapy, detoxing, immune-strengthening, chakra-balancing, death and dying, grief, loss, and pain management. 

Her presentation, "Holistic Grief: A Personal Journey," was featured at the 2021 American Herbalists Guild Symposium. 

Carolyn produces "The Healing Project Wellness Series," a webinar (every third Wednesday), that. 

She is also the author of a self-care handbook, Pick Up Your Bed and Walk: A Self-Care Guide to Improved Health and Incantations, an affirmation prayer book. 

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