Collection: Carolyn Jones | Holistic Wellness Practitioner | Director of Wellness Programming Community Engagement

Carolyn Jones, founder of The Healing Project, is a holistic health practitioner and educator who loves to share the message of natural self-care. She serves the community as an herbalist with certifications in aromatherapy, flower essence therapy, reflexology; and, acupuncture detoxification therapy (NADA). 

As a licensed bereavement chaplain, with the New York State task force, she offers spiritual care and ministry of presence services.


Carolyn also develops holistic health curricula for one-on-one and group workshops, that include, but are not limited to, herbology, aromatherapy, detoxing, immune-strengthening, chakra-balancing, grief, loss, and pain management. 

Her presentation, "Holistic Grief: A Personal Journey," was featured at the 2021 American Herbalists Guild Symposium. 

Carolyn produces "The Healing Project Wellness Series," a webinar (every third Wednesday), that. 

She is the author of a self-care handbook, Pick Up Your Bed and Walk: A Self-Care Guide to Improved Health and Incantations, an affirmation prayer book.

Scentonomy is proud to have Carolyn as  a member and Director of Wellness Programming.

Aromatherapy in Cancer Care: Research & Support Protocols

Awarded: Apr 22, 2024

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