Aroma Bar Experience

During this experiential and interactive session our certified aromatherapy professionals, with 15+ years of experience collectively, help guests create their own organic aromatherapy products. Experience the power of organic aromatherapy to boost energy, reduce stress, and improve focus for your staff or audience.


  • Improved Mental Health & Stress Reduction: Participants experience a mental, emotional and physical reset
  • Enhanced Focus and Concentration: Through our meditation teaser and selection of essential oils, participants will apply techniques to stay present and improve focus.
  • Applied Aromatherapy Technique: Participants will receive a clear understanding of how to use their new aromatherapy product.
  • Essential Oils Protocols: Participants will learn proper essential oil dosage, application and safety protocols for daily use.

Experience Highlights

  • We provide 3-6 displays with a variety of organic essential oils (10-13) with menu.
  • Ten minute meditation to set the intentions of the workshop and blending process
  • We a provide a 15 minute introduction to aromatherapy presentation with handouts and sampling of the oils to help stimulate the creative process.
  • We dive into selecting oils for blending and bottling.
  • Participants learn about how essentials oils work and can be used in their daily routines to improve their desired intention for improved well-being
  • Each participant completes the session with a personalized aroma roll-on blend which they have created with the guidance of our certified aromatherapy team.