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Breath Work with Winter Parris

Breath Work with Winter Parris

For Inquiries, contact: 347-674-3638

"The  breath + body sessions are primarily drawn from the ancient disciplines of yoga and are informed by neuroscience, energy medicine, and various modern body-mind practices. We cover the foundation movements, breathing, alignments, balancing and inversion to build strength and flexibility." - Winter

Winter Parris is a breath work facilitator/yoga teacher and doula whose teachings uphold the vision of bringing wellness to the client.   She has served a wide range of industries including government agencies, companies, educational institutions, homes, small businesses, social and professional organizations, and nonprofits.

Her breath and body sessions touch the deepest levels of your being, while releasing stress and anxiety, allowing for your peace of mind in knowing that your performance and wellness needs are covered. Sessions are facilitated virtually, and seamlessly under a guided inward journey. 

In a cross-channel style of breath, body and yoga, Winter has served over 1,000 mothers with passion and purpose to help women prepare for birth, breastfeeding and the 40 days afterwards. All the while fostering compassion and understanding of the complexities in mothering.  Helping mothers gain confidence through greater self- awareness, empowerment and support is Winter's goal. 

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